NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo Time

Hope you all had a great Halloween no matter what you did…

 The clock has past midnight so we are officially in NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo Time now.  I did sign up for both – in case you don’t know, NaBloPoMo is like a blogging version of NaNoWriMo,  you must blog every day during November.  I decided it would be easy because I could update about my experiences with NaNoWriMo if I didn’t have anything to write 🙂

I’ve finally settled on a vague idea for NaNoWriMo…and the idea seems to be gearing for a younger audience everytime I consider it.  I quite like the idea that it is expected of you to write a pile of crap, takes a bit of the pressure out of things! 

I’m not going into my idea because I am likely to change it by the time I actually sit down to write so it will probably be a surprise to even me.  I’m quite excited about it, I’m waiting for my new laptop charger to arrive so I will actually be able to type in bed if I can’t sleep instead of sitting up all night and getting a stiff back.  As I have mentioned before, I have two pre-schoolers so it will be quite difficult to find the time to type other than during the night.  I really don’t know how novelists with families find the time, I’m most impressed – managing my time well is really not my strong point. 

Come the end of November, I will probably have bald patches from tearing my hair out, black bags under my eyes from sleep deprivation and have eerily pale skin from a lack of exposure to sunlight.  That’s pretty much what I’m looking like right now to be honest but hopefully by then I’ll actually have an excuse for it and maybe even feel like I can call myself a writer without feeling like an imposter.

Good luck to everyone who is taking part in either of these events this year.  My user name is clairec23 on both if anyone is passing by and wants to say hello!


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