Addictive Personality?

Have you ever believed something to be true about yourself only to be shocked and amazed that it really isn’t true at all?

 I’ve always believed, nay, prided myself, on the fact that I don’t have an addictive personality.  I can do whatever I want and never need to do it again.  I’m not a smoker, I don’t need to drink, I’m definitely not a junkie – I always assumed I was immune.  I can admit it – I was wrong.  🙂

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that yes, I do in fact get obsessed quite easily, addicted , if you will.  Not to the normal things that other people can relate to – not niccotine or alcohol.  No, I have to be different – I have to get addicted to things like video games, Sudoku and various random things I come across online (like that damn free rice/vocab site).

Today, instead of looking after my two blogs, instead of catching up on my NaNoWriMo word count, what did I do?  Clever old me spent nearly the entire day either playing Sims 2 on the pc or else downloading custom content for Sims 2 on the pc.  My name is Claire and I am a Simoholic…

It’s supposed to be the most popular game on the pc yet I don’t know one other person that enjoys it – oh, wait, that’s right, I’m too busy playing it to socialize…

Yesterday, I discovered a lot of really excellent sites where people leave their customised sim additions for dopes like me to download for free.  (One site enables you to run a brothel – most amusing)  My partner was off work today – leaving me with lots of time to indulge in my addictions.  I have not done a thing about my blogs (poor things are really suffering – I’m so going to regret it later) and I haven’t written one word for NaNo.  Part of my personality involves over doing something until it gets so boring I want to claw my eyes out.  Unfortunately for me, Sims 2 keeps throwing me a new bone every time I even think about getting bored.  Most inconvenient.  My only hope for absolution is if the game gets broken or they recall the game and expansion packs for some reason. (I didn’t mean that Maxis, I’m sorry, don’t take my game away, me loves you…really me does)

P.S. Don’t judge… 🙂


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  1. 1

    I’ve been a Sim-a-holic since the good old days of Sim City (about 10 years ago). Its such an entertaining and creative game! And I love all the custom content!

    But right now, my guiltiest addiction is . . solitaire. Computer solitare. I get urges to play it constantly, something about it relaxes me, strangely!

  2. 2

    SoggyCelebs said,

    The Sims?


    Aaah. Better than me. I think I was addicted to Pepsi at one point.

    And then I once played Arcanum for 6 days straight. (Thankfully almost no one has heard of this game, so no one can laugh at me)

    And then once I played NWN for ages… I played the entire day my grand dad passed away… I’m a loving grandson.

    P.S Sorry Claire. I can only visit this blog. Your book blog is too cerebral for me. My favourite book is the “Engine who could”… or something like that,

  3. 3

    clairec23 said,

    Lauren – I loved simcity too! I remember hearing that they were working on the sims game and waiting, waiting, waiting for it to come out 🙂 I love solitaire too, I’ve got this huge set of variations on my computer, I know if I go into it that I’m going to waste a huge amount of time.

    Soggy – first of all, I cannot believe someone called my other blog cerebral 😀

    Yes, Sims, really 🙂 All day yesterday I kept trying to think of why, maybe it’s cos I’m bossy and I can tell all of these little people what to do 🙂 Is NWN Neverwinter Nights? I freaking well love that game…

  4. 4

    SoggyCelebs said,

    Yeah, Neverwinter Nights

    It is a great game… Although I’ve sadly never been able to complete it.

    I get to the third chapter and decide that I hate my character so I start all over again.

    I think I’ve done this… like… five times?

  5. 5

    SoggyCelebs said,

    Also I hated Sim City… Mainly because I sucked at it.

    Those little b*stards were always complaining about their electricity and water… Ungrateful buggers.

  6. 6

    clairec23 said,

    I don’t think I’ve finished it either – I’m not a finisher, have finished very few games – I get fed up or else forget about them (except sims). I love my character tho, I must play it again, no, NO, I can’t I have other stuff to do…:(

    I was always crap at sim city too, I don’t know how to keep people happy 🙂

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