Yet Another Schoolboy Killer

I read this story in today’s paper and checked it out on this site.  In Finland, yesterday, an 18 year old boy shot dead 8 people at his high school in Tuusula before harming himself and later dying in hospital.  Ten people were injured and amonst the dead were six students, a head teacher and a school nurse.  Apparently the killer, Auvinen, posted videos on YouTube that basically indicated what he was going to do.  The videos were taken down a couple of hours after the shooting but it has been reported that the killer stated on the site –

I am prepared to fight and die for my cause.  I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection.”

 Yet another senseless tragedy, yet another schoolboy killer, yet another reason why guns should not be made so freely available that an unhinged teenager with intentions of murder can easily carry out his plans.  Don’t tell me that people have a right to own guns in certain countries – it’s not worth it…   Don’t tell me that it’s the minority that ruin it for the many because most gun owners are responsible enough not to go around murdering people.  The minority kill enough people to let me know that guns are not a good idea.  End of. 

The fact that he could legally own a gun once he turned 18 is not what disturbs me the most.   It is his words that chill me.  Two words in particular grab my insides with an icy grip that just won’t let go.  “Natural Selector.”  In my opinion, one of the most dangerous phrases I have ever heard.  Reminiscent of Nazi ideology and white supremacy, it apparently convinced this young  man that murder was acceptable, that he had the right to choose who was fit to live on this earth.  He was more than likely already disturbed in some way but how does natural selection come into it?  How did he get influenced by something that we’ve all heard of yet is whispered not shouted about? 

I also wonder about the parents of these killers, we never seem to hear about them.  How do they feel?  If my child grew up to be a murderer, I don’t know how I would deal with the guilt and shame that I messed up in some way, that I hadn’t noticed something, that I could have done something.  I’m not saying blame the parents, not at all, you never know how someone is going to turn out.  There are lots of factors that can effect how we turn into the person we are.  But I’m sure that some people hear things like that at home, maybe they hear how one race is above the rest,  maybe how “failures of natural selection” don’t deserve to exist, maybe even how gay people, mentally retarded people, disabled people, people of a different religion just aren’t as good.  To me, anyone who believes that is a dangerous lunatic.  A dangerous lunatic with the power to influence others.  Nobody has the right to kill others, nobody has the right to say who is fit to live, nobody has the right to spread this kind of hatred amongst others, particularly those who are easily influenced.  A teenager who murders people in the name of natural selection could even be doing the work of someone else.  Or he could be using it as an excuse.  You decide.  Nobody knows what went through this latest teenage killer’s head but what can we do to prevent this from happening again.  Is there anything we can do?  It happens so often now it seems, I can’t claim to understand the mentality of it.  The killers always seem to kill themselves afterwards so what is their point?

Either way, hatred and bigotry is as prevalent and dangerous today as it was in the past.  It seems the human race doesn’t learn from its mistakes too well. 


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