My New Toy, At Last

I seem to have trouble keeping my mind on track, every day I log to share something and by the time I start writing, something else has occurred to me instead.  Yesterday was a really bad day.  Something happened that got me down and has me staying down and everything else just seemed to add to it.  I won’t get into it because it’s a long story but I’m not the best for it and Mr. Claire tells me he spent his time at work trying to think of something to get me that would cheer me up – apparently I’m shallow, stuff makes me happy.  So, anyway, out of luck on ideas that didn’t involve chocolate, my mother came to the rescue by telling me there was a package for me at her house.  He, knowing what it was, went straight to her house after work to pick it up (at around 11 last night – I’m sure she was well pleased…).

Have to reverse back a year for this bit – about a year ago, possibly longer, Mr. Claire bought a new laptop for cheap.  This is a typical present for him, not the cheap bit, the computer bit.  On my 20th birthday he bought me a playstation 2, on my 21st AND 23rd, he bought me a new pc, he likes toys (and pretends to buy them for me 🙂 )

It was a brand new laptop, one of those toughbooks, the reason he got it cheap was because there wasn’t a charger for it.  But, he thought, it’s easy to buy laptop chargers and not that expensive either so I’ll just buy this snazzy new laptop and get into the good books bigtime.  Turns out, you can’t buy the chargers over here, or most places for that matter.  My new toy was unusable.  My brother had the exact same laptop but he wouldn’t share the charger the big tree.  I wanted to sell the laptop but he was in love – if you drop it, it won’t break, it’s a touch screen and it’s small and cute yet still a bit manly looking 🙂 

Six months passed before we found an online American shop that sold the chargers, but we were lazy little procrastinators and the laptop remained hidden away unused for another six months until I started complaining that I would never get my NaNoWriMo novel finished without a laptop to use in bed.  Yes, NaNoWriMo is what finally got him up off his arse and online with a topped up credit card handy to get the charger that had become something of a dream.

 Two weeks ago, we ordered it, yesterday it arrived and finally, FINALLY, I can use my new(ish) toy.  It’s very cute but my brother took a lend of it for a night one time and now my screensaver is full of Leeds United Crests, I’m getting all of his emails and I’m listening to that loser Pete Doherty with the Libertines.  I’m still getting used to it so it will be a while before all traces of little bro are removed.  At least he bothered to put a few songs on it, I shouldn’t really complain.

I actually like listening to his playlists, he’s introduced me to some of my favourite music like Queens of the Stone Age and he tends to have his mates band’s music on it too.  As for the rest, hmm, I don’t mind the Libertines but I’ll never be a fan because of that junkie.  Looking at Doherty makes me sick.  Sorry, the paper had more than one picture of him in it today, I’m still traumatised.  Kate Moss, what the f%$k were you thinking?

Oh, yeah, back to my post, so, yeah, moral of the story is: new toy = happy claire


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    cardiogirl said,

    Hey Claire,

    I’m having some difficulty trying to keep up with which blog is yours. Is it the bebo place, that’s the one you leave on my comments or is it this one. Or is it (gasp) BOTH?!

    Do you have a preference? The other one seems more like a place that you talk about the books you read, versus this one being more personal.

    I do prefer the visual of this one. I have a hard time seeing text on a black background.

  2. 2

    clairec23 said,

    Hiya, Cardiogirl! Yup, both are mine 🙂 I made this one because I was considering moving my other blog to wordpress but I wanted to at least try it out first.

    Yeah, I wanted something as bright as possible, it’s kind of a relief after the other one plus I love green 🙂

    The other one is supposed to be my real blog, this is just a place for my mostly incoherent ramblings. Although, I’m starting to like coming here more – the other one seems to have stuttered to a complete stop. This one is personal although you’ve made me say much more personal things on the other ones 😉

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