It’s a Small World

It’s the weekend and I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself because I finally got stuck into my NaNoWriMo novel and started to catch up on the recommended wordcount.  Although my ego sort of deflates a little when I log onto the Irish section of NaNo and realise that so many people are reaching the halfway mark (how, damn you, HOW?) but at least I’m getting there…

 I think that I’d be getting through things a lot quicker if I didn’t have crappy broadband.  It’s really slowing me down, especially when I’m trying to look at my favourite blogs.  I can’t even watch YouTube videos, normally I wouldn’t care but now I have two reasons.

 Reason One:

I have a classic clip on my Bebo page of my 11th birthday party.  It’s incredibly embarrassing.  We headbanged to NoNo by 2Unlimited…a lot.  The party lasted for 8 hours and that song was played for about six of those hours.  Funnily enough, that was the last birthday party I ever had.  So, whenever I want to be bitchy and laugh at people I went to school with – I can’t.

 Reason Two (and pretty much the point of the title):

Recently, my mother found a new family member in England.  My mother can’t even send an email yet she managed to find a relative that we didn’t know existed on the Leeds United site.  Apparently, this man left a comment about his father, who just happened to be my nanny’s first cousin (don’t know what that makes him to me but I’ll be calling him a cousin regardless).  So she gets in contact with him, and discovers he has a son too, nice to find new family.  Anyway, the cousin tells her that he sings and writes songs and she keeps saying, hey, that’s just like you – for the record, I do NOT sing and I wrote a song for school when I was in 5th class, so there – and he has his videos on YouTube but I can’t play them.  So if any of you ever take a look, let me know if they’re any good.

 Anywho, it IS a small world and isn’t it amazing how much smaller the internet makes it. 


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