Major Headache

A really bad headache started this morning and it’s getting worse as the day goes on.  I think I must extra irritable this week 🙂

 On my other blog this morning, a comment was posted saying that I had to remove a post or the matter would be passed onto “the” solicitors.  Of course, I have to get riled up and reply.  And annoy myself for the entire day *sigh*  When will I ever learn 🙂

 Forgetting about that, something is approaching that I can’t forget about no matter how much I try.  Christmas.  Santa Claus.  Decorations.  Presents.  I.  Can’t.  Cope.

Yesterday, in the middle of the paper was an Argos magazine full of toys.  My son had a field day.  All I heard all day long was Mammy, look at that!  Oh, Mam, Thomas the Tank Engine!, Mammy, what’s that?  Mammy, Mam, Ma, look, Look, LOOK!  My head felt like it was going to explode.  Usually I’m a lot more patient when the lil fella looks at pictures of toys, I remember what it was like to get so over excited about it but yesterday I was too concerned with the Christmassy pictures reminding me that I have nothing prepared or planned. 

I am completely hopeless when it comes to Christmas.  Everything happens at the last minute in a rush (if they happen at all) and I am by far, the worst gift buyer in the whole wide world.  Doesn’t matter how well I know someone, I cannot think of one good present to get them.  If they only knew the pain loved ones put me through when they say things like, ah, I don’t want anything, or, anything you get will be lovely, I’m sure.  No, no, it won’t, are you forgetting the present I got you last year??

Ooh, hyperventilating just a little bit now…I can’t handle the pressure of gift buying you see.  I wish I had a personal shopper that was so clever, they could tell me exactly what to get everyone I know.  Actually, it would be easier if people would just tell me what they want and not act all coy about it.  Just give it up!  Help me, help you.  It’s not so much to ask is it?


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  1. 1

    frustrated said,

    You’re hacked off with the threats to remove your story on your other page,you are of course not alone.

    So far the list of people being threatened by these two runs into at least 30 that I know of,top of the list is Sammy’s parents who are now at heir wits ends.

    Well done for not crumbling under their pathetic threats,its great to see people standing up to them:)

  2. 2

    clairec23 said,

    Seriously?? That’s amazing…I can’t believe it, I don’t know why I’m shocked at this stage! I had no idea I was one of many…

    Of course, there’s nothing like a threat to make you defiant but I’m sure plenty of people would make their life easier by doing whatever they said. I hope that people haven’t been intimidated into doing anything they don’t want to. It’s awful that things have gotten so out of hand.

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