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I don’t have much to talk about today.  It’s Monday morning so I’m a wee bit out of it still.  Got up way too early and went to bed way too late last night.  And I didn’t get anywhere on NaNoWriMo.  I was too busy watching Prison Break and complaining about my headache. 

 I’m one of the few people (apparently) who haven’t watched Prison Break so the other day, Mr. Claire got a lend of the first series and we’ve spent the last few nights entranced by it…I sort of wish I had watched it while it was being aired, that way nobody could spoil it for me. 

The main bloke in it, the one with the tattoos, I THINK his name is Wentworth Miller or something bizarre like that.  Well anyway, him, at first I didn’t watch the damn programme because of him.  Because everywhere I went online (I was into wapchatting back then) there were hundreds of girls going crazy for him.  I get put off by popularity.  He’s okay looking, sort of, in a skinhead type of way, I grudgingly suppose but he cannot act.  Like, at all. 

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit harsh.  There are times during the programme when there are glimpses of actual personality that flash through but pretty much the entire series has been made up of him having the exact same expression on his face and using the exact same dull tone of voice.  Sure, his character may be intentionally … dull …I know I’m going to get slaughtered for this 🙂 but come off it, use a different facial expression, please!  Or at least smile a teensy bit more, it’s quite sweet and dare I say it, human looking.

Anyway, Mr. Claire is really into owning dvds (and watching them).  He used to make me watch a film with him like every single night.  When we first moved in together we had very few dvds so we generally watched the same films every week but we never complained 🙂 

But, a while back, somebody gave him a lend of Invasion, so he made us watch that and I admit, I did enjoy it and was majorly disgruntled when I discovered there wasn’t another series of it made (what the hell?!)  It took us months to get over that…but it put Mr. Claire into a whole tv series buzz.  He bought me Medium because I love that show and never get to watch it because they show it at like 1 in the morning.  But he hasn’t watched it with me yet, damn him.  Now he wants to get more popular tv series that we haven’t watched on telly ourselves (he gets into these little buzzes every now and then, sort of like me and knitting – don’t ask).  I don’t get to watch that much television in fairness but this post makes me sound like I’m glued to the screen.  Anyway, we even made a mental list of series, we must have 🙂  We are quite sad and pathetic, we both know it.  We named all of the CSI series (for me), Numbers (for me), Ghost Whisperer (for me) and erm, pretty much anything similar (for me).  We already watch Lost and Shameless, you have to watch Shameless – it is class!  But I swear, Lost has ruined television for me, if I ever get my hands on the writers of that show….

Yet again, I logged in with a topic in mind and rambled on about something completely different…go me 🙂


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    cardiogirl said,

    Isn’t that funny when you sit down to write and think, I have no idea where we are going today. And then you end up at the end of your post and it almost seems new to YOU?

    That happened to me on that Soap Opera post from a couple of days ago. I try to think about what I’m going to write about the night before, but sometimes I come up empty.

    These stream of consciousness posts are so fun!

    Congrats on gettin’ into the zone on NaNoWriMo. I am floundering. Not really, I’m doing absolutely nuthin. Which is akin to floundering when one considers results and the lack thereof.

  2. 2

    clairec23 said,

    I know, it’s crazy and it’s soooo easy! I was going to have a little waffle and a mini rant about the drama on my other blog yesterday and stuff related to that but when I started typing, it just didn’t happen that way. It’s too effortless to go off the track!

  3. 3

    yankeechick said,

    Hi Claire! I just popped in from CardioGirl’s page to check out your blog. Hope you don’t mind, but I have been enjoying your comments on her site for awhile now and decided it was time to invite myself in.

    Of course, the 1st thing I noticed on your page that intrigued me were the tags for CSI and Ghost Whisperer!! These are the 2 shows that I cannot live without (and Moonlight as well), so I must read…….if you don’t mind :).

    BTW, I can be a bit of a ‘toerag’ from time to time……just sayin’!

  4. 4

    clairec23 said,

    Ha, this is great, anyone who likes Cardiogirl is more than welcome here – I can be a bit of a toerag myself so I can’t hold that against ya 😛

    What’s Moonlight?? Is that something I need to be seeing? 🙂

    We don’t get all of the shows from the States and sometimes they’re shown at odd times. I used to watch Ghost Whisperer in the afternoons while the kids napped, but it’s on another station at like 9pm. I can never remember when CSI is on, damnit!

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