Mobiles and Decorations

Oops, I got into trouble yesterday.  Apparently I scared people because my phone was switched off and I wasn’t online.  I must spend a lot of time online if people think I’m dead because I haven’t checked my emails.  This is what I hate about mobile phones and the like.  You can’t get any peace.  I’m lazy about charging my phone because I always forget what the charger looks like so it’s a bit of a hassle trying to find it.  I don’t switch it off on purpose – the battery just goes on me a lot.  Like every day, stupid rubbish battery.

So anyways, I got a bit of a lecture about it, felt about ten years old and it isn’t the first time either!!  If I don’t check my bebo page often, I end up getting private mail asking what’s wrong.  When I see my family they moan at me for appearing offline on msn. I always do that and forget to take it off when I see a family member online. It bugs them because they don’t know if I’m not ok or if I’m online and just ignoring them…I’m not, I swear 🙂

In future I’m just going to make sure I keep the damn phone on. To be fair I get worried when I try and ring someone and their phone is switched off or if I mail my brother and I don’t get a reply for a few days so yet again I’m a hypocrite. I know this.

As for yesterday, I spent it getting in the Christmas spirit. My son wanted to watch Transformers. His Dad bought the dvd series AND the old film for himself and doesn’t even pretend it’s for the kid. Anyway, I said no, let’s watch something else cos I was in the humour of something Christmassy. So, I put on The Santa Clause 2 (we watched it twice *sigh*) and he kept yelling Santy all the way through it. Good thing I haven’t bought new decorations yet or I would have put them up yesterday. I was all Tis the Season… I’m sort of afraid to go to my mother’s house because she puts decorations up very early. I’m scared she might outdo herself this year. She’s a bit of a mad one when it comes to decorations and lights and all that jazz. She decorates for everything, even Valentines Day. I used to be embarrassed to bring anyone into the house when I was younger, just in case they thought that was insane. 🙂


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    He he how cute your mum even decorates for Valentine’s day! I would hate having decorations up all the time in my own house but I would think it was so sweet if I knew your mum!

    I know what you mean about phones. When Baddie turns his phone off, his mum has been known to ring my phone and ask for him, then shout at him for having his phone off “what if there was an emergency?!” but we only live five minutes away from her, she could just come and get us! Then the thing she phoned about is of course never an emergency, she just doesn’t respect his right not to feel like being contacted.

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    melissa said,

    i’ll be back to read your post but…i’m in a hurry to tag people with this darn meme… so, you’re tagged. 7 random facts then, pass on to 7 people.
    have fun! i’ll c’ya later!

  3. 3

    clairec23 said,

    Thanks Melissa, I’ll check that out.

    lol @ guilty, reminds me of my nanny. The last time I was pregnant I was all what if there was an emergency too but I’m gonna blame that on the hormones 🙂

    It’s annoying when you live in a permanently decorated house, particularly when even the window of your bedroom has giant glittery hearts hanging out of it or snowmen or skeletons, depending on the time of year! But now I like it a bit more – cos I don’t have to see it everyday!

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