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Bye Bye

I’ve finally moved!!

You can find my new blog if you click here.

I’ll miss this place…*tear*


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If Money Was No Object

I saw a little meme on Mel’s blog.    Your poor husband by the way Melissa!!  Anyway, it’s to name five things you would do if you had unlimited amounts of money.  Whaddya know, it’s one of my favourite things to talk about!!  I have lots I want to post today so for now you’re getting a two for one deal and I promise not to post any depressing thoughts on a Monday!

 If I had unlimited amounts of money:

 1.   I would make everyone I know a millionaire.  A woman in Limerick won the Euromillions, it was over 100 million euro.  I forget exactly how much but anyway, I love to think that if I had won that sort of money, I would have been able to share it with my nearest and dearest.  Imagine making everyone you care about wealthy.  That gives me a real thrill.  Makes me feel all warm and happy 🙂   Obviously the kids would get more than anyone else and there is no way on this green earth that either of my children’s uncles would get it all in the one go.  Feckin’ wasters.

2.   I would buy Shelbourne football club.  Mr. Claire would buy Kildare County and we would see who could win after throwing loads of money into Irish football.  I might throw the G.A.A. a bone too but we’ll see.

 3.   I would pay the vet bill for the animal pound, Paws.  They are always looking for help with that.  Actually, I would put a shitload of money into an account and donate regularly to charities anonymously.  And I would go over to the fecking third world countries meself with bloody cows and goats and whatnot and build them water pumps and teach them how to fecking well fish.  At least I would know it was really happening and not being given to corrupt governments.  Jaysus aren’t we cynical today?  I’d pay a billion to the first person who thought of a cure for an incurable disease and I would make sure that every orphanage in the entire world was a kick ass place to be.  Yes, I dream a little too much…

4.   I would set up a publishing company.  Only for unpublished and new writers.  Successful writers can feck off somewhere else.  I’d set up a magazine and an e-zine that paid really, exceptionally well and I’d finance some free to enter contests as well as give money to schools to encourage creativity in students.  Feck that, I’d set up a recording studio as well for the many unsigned Irish bands going around.  You know what?  I would rock the world if I had unlimited amounts of money.

5.  I would be completely selfish too mind you.  I would buy Mr. Claire a whole stable of racehorses and a couple of hot cars that should be on the after version of Pimp My Ride.  I’d buy an island in a warm place and build homes on it for everyone I know.  That would be class!  I would buy every cd, book, dvd and game that ever existed.  I would get clarinet lessons again and piano lessons AND I would get my nails done.  A lot.   And I would organise a HUGE blogger party and ship the lot of yis over to my island for a very long holiday 😉

 Okay so I sort of cheated there but you get the drift.  If I had unlimited amounts of money, I could spend a whole lot of it 😛

 By the way!  Thanks to Aimee for my blog award, I’ll get around to passing it on at some stage!!

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Moving House In Pain

Yesterday, myself and Mr. Claire were talking and on the spur of the moment, without thinking even five minutes into the future, he got me hosting and the like.  I spent the whole day looking at a complete copy of this blog on the wrong another domain name and contemplated if I really should move house.  Just to point out, I had no clue what I was doing and did things the long, hard, wrong way.  Obviously.  This is me.  He kept saying to me, we’ll get somebody to do it for you.  I’m stubborn.  I don’t like that kind of help.   Regardless of this, it just didn’t feel right.  So eventually, I decided to stay here and use the hosting and the like to learn how to do everything myself with a test site.  I’m an idiot.  I know this.  I hate when things aren’t perfect and I hate when I don’t feel at home.  I can’t read my posts over because I know I’ll just edit them constantly.  Isn’t that sad?  And I won’t comment on a blog more than once that doesn’t feel…comfy.  I have a wierd mind sometimes, I admit it.

 So, basically, I wanted to tell you that I made a decision that will make absolutely no difference to your lives 🙂

It is now the 10th of December and my carefully thought out Christmas shopping plan has pretty much fallen apart.  Ah well.  I can avoid everyone over Christmas and shop in January if I have to 🙂  Mr. Claire has been out of work since Thursday because he hurt his back.  He’s pretty useless to have around at the moment.  (Damnit, just remembered he won’t ever read that so I’m going to have to tell him I said it instead.  It just loses some of its effect that way.  I keep telling him I have no sympathy for his pain because he didn’t for me both times I was pregnant.  He will never live down the day he admitted he thought I was faking it during my first pregnancy.  Toerag.  I had morning sickness nearly every single day I was pregnant and a pinched nerve in my back.  It wasn’t exactly fun.

Sometimes we play argue over what hurts more and I always say nothing can beat childbirth.  But who can tell?  I’d love for just one man to get pregnant and give birth just so we can compare pain levels.  Maybe they could handle it better.  I doubt it though.  Women are pretty much preparing for it their whole lives while men tend to get shot down by a cold.  Oh, yes I can generalize.  It’s my blog.

As for the most excellent driving machine that keeps cutting out, our local mechanic was able to guess exactly what car we had just by the description of the problem yet he can’t fix it and told us to go elsewhere.  Wtf?  I was always under the impression that mechanics could solve any car problem but apparently not.  Apparently, some of them must be specialists.  Who knew?  I used to work in a place that taught mechanics.  My boss there had planned on turning me into a computer teacher but I left before I was old enough.  I know some of you are sniggering at the thoughts of me teaching computers but back then I hadn’t donated my brain cells to my children.  🙂  Isn’t it strange though how life can so quickly change?  One event made me leave that job, I wonder what I would be doing if I had stayed there.  Is there anything you’ve done that you wonder what would have happened had you made a different choice?

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Lucky Mix

Do you know what my favourite things were when I was a kid?  Okay, one of them anyway.  Lucky Bags!  They were so not worth it but I loved them!  The title just gave me a flashback of them, sorry!

 I have to say a couple of things today!  I was on Cavantucky and was directed to a Google alternative.  If you want a more Irish feel to your searches please try Doogle, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!   Pleeeeeease take a look at it, pleeeeeease 😉

Next on the agenda is Cardiogirl!  If you haven’t already, check out her blog and take a little look and a listen to the audio comment widget.  I beg of you, leave a voice message!!  I got such a kick out of that thing yesterday, I’m lovin’ it!  I was so hyper yesterday and I still haven’t calmed down!

 I can’t even think straight now, I completely forget what I had intended to blog about.  You lucky things, you!  Erm…OH!!  Mr. Claire is sort of hinting at coming around to the baby thing, of course you all will be the first to know 😉  I don’t mind waiting a little longer for Number Three though so I won’t be mad if he still wants to wait a while.  Um…The Princess now has eight teeth, four teeth came down together, the poor little thing and The Little Man has now decided that Spiderman boxer shorts and a pink hairband are stylin’!

So, that’s all for now…if I remember what the hell I was going to post, I might do another waffle session later.  Take care everyone, hope you all have a beautiful day 😉

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Quick Note

I can’t put this in the sidebar so I’m hoping posting it here will do. But anyway, I’m trying to add this blog to the site below because, well, I’m Irish. And some of the things I talk about are about Ireland so…if you’re interested in other Irish blogs check it out too and have a nosey around. You might learn something besides the words arse and toerag. 🙂

Irish Blogs

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Hello December, Bye Bye Things To Do

Welcome to December the 1st.  November is gone, far, far away.  NaBloPoMo is over.  NaNoWriMo is over.   I finally got sleep last night!  Apparently I had to be air lifted to bed at 9 o’clock but I remember nothing.  Let’s just say November finally caught up on me.  I think I posted everyday although I could be wrong.  And I definitely got past 50k on my NaNo novel…including the 5k that little man lost on me yesterday.   *Grumbles quietly to self*

So now what?  I’m at a loss.  I’ve been so used to getting up with a plan that now I don’t know what to be doing.  And what I did before doesn’t seem fun anymore.  Hmm….

I even found myself looking out for other things to take on throughout December.  Because Christmas isn’t enough for me…:/

Oh, I did fail something actually.  I failed my November Reading Challenge miserably.  I was supposed to read three books set during a World War.  I started to read Band of Brothers which is really good by the way but everytime I tried to read it, I started to think about my NaNo novel so lets just say it didn’t go very far.    Maybe I’ll try and do it this month.  If a certain book arrives this month, I may even get to take part in the book club on blogcatalog. 

So now it’s December, which means I can no longer ignore Christmas and I’ve been thinking about the new year.  Yesterday, I sort of decided to make another blog or else incorporate what I’m doing into the other blog I already have.  You may have noticed that I love to write, but I’ve never tried to get published…yet I give other people advice on writing.  So that doesn’t really make much sense.  I wondered how I could be of use to people that are trying to get published.  I’m including short stories, poetry, open letters, all forms of writing in that. 

 It’s kind of a stupid idea but I sort of thought about having a year long challenge where I try to get things published online and in print and let people know how it goes, if I get a response, if that response is personal, how long it took, that kind of thing.  Then at the end of the year, I could stop and be like well, I tried, now I can write for fun and forget about anything else.   I could even invite other people to give their stories along the way.  I don’t know.  I feel like I need a plan for a change.  This way, I would have an excuse to keep writing a lot 😉

I used to do a little bit of freelance writing online and although I enjoyed it, I craved fiction.  But I gave it up because of problems with Internet connectivity.  Since then, I’ve felt like something was missing, I’ve tried to fill it with my other blog but it didn’t really do the job.  It made the feeling that I was missing out even stronger.  NaNoWriMo sort of filled the void a little.  So this new idea is my solution or resolution for next year if it still sounds like a good idea by January.  😉

So, what are your plans for next year if any?  Do you make New Year Resolutions?  I think this will be my first one if it’s feasible!

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Best Blogging Buddies Award and Other Sap Like That

Okay, I’m going to get sick.  I just wrote a huuuuuge post and then Internet Explorer shut down before I could post it…I’m not the better for it, let me tell ya!

I’ll try and remember it…Ok, I don’t have a hope in hell of remembering it but I’ll try and wing it anyway.  I warn you, this might get a little bit soppy, mushy, warm and fuzzy, all that kind of crap.  Why?

Because I got an award!!!

Melissa from Such Simple Pleasures bestowed this amazing award upon my most grateful self.  She also said something really nice about me that touched me and made me cry.  Yes, it really made it through this heart of stone…told ya it was amazing!

So in the post I lost, I expressed a fair amount of insecurities I have about blogging in general.  Thinking on it, I am really glad I lost that stupid post.  I sometimes feel/felt that I was a bit out of place in the blogosphere.  I don’t really have a place yet…I don’t have a funny or useful blog and everyone seems to have a huge circle of blogger buddies.  It can be intimidating to break into the comments between people who know each other a while.   I know that I love reading people’s blogs and commenting and with that comes a certain fondness for the blogger.  I find myself beginning to warm to them, admiring them, respecting their opinions, really like them and in general become their stalker fan.

There are lots of bloggers I feel this way about.  I will never become close to most of them but it doesn’t stop me feeling like I know them from what I read on their blogs if that makes sense.  It always amazes me when somebody…acknowledges me.  What I mean is, even though I notice them, I never think that they might notice me or remember me.  So, when somebody I like acts like they might like me back…well, I feel all nice and happy and warm.  That doesn’t last long, don’t worry, I have a rep to protect, dig it?

So what I’m trying to say is, there are lots of bloggers who are really, genuinely nice, who welcome wierdos like me into their fold, or at least tolerate their presence.  Even if the wierdos aren’t popular…or particularly friendly for that matter.  I started blogging at the end of September so I don’t know if I was just lucky to find lots of nice bloggers early on or if the blogging world actually is overloaded with such happy sappy heads but either way, I’m very grateful to have met you all.

I have to give this award out and in my head, I want to give it to everyone that was nice to me and made me feel welcome.  In my world (the one with no friends) it means an awful lot to me and I thank you.  Out loud, I’m just going to give it to a couple of girl bloggers.  I don’t really think the boys would appreciate the cute award quite so much!

Firstly, I hand it straight back to Melissa.  Even if somebody else had passed this award on to me, I would still have given it to Melissa, no hesitation.  I love how honest she is in her posts (even when they get her into trouble 😉 ).  I admire the way she gives so much of herself to the reader, yet still has so much more to say and manages to be fun too!  I started to visit Melissa’s blog after I saw a couple of her comments on other people’s blogs and had to read more.  She’s frank, emotional, sensitive and humorous, how can you not think she’s a top bird?

Next up are two hot mommas that I met very early along the way and two that I really admire. 

Antibarbie is probably the first person I started visiting regularly.  I cannot for the life of me remember where I found her but I’m glad I did.  I adore the fact that she is always her own person and is comfortable in that role.  She comes across as the kind of person that would run to a friend’s rescue but tell that friend out straight if they were in the wrong.  She’s a majorly talented writer, I sometimes feel like all of her creative writing is written especially for me because it is exactly the kind of thing I love to read and she has that sarcastic wit thing going on so you can’t go wrong really!   I doubt that she knows it but I think very highly of this lady.

I found Cardiogirl on antibarbie’s blog.  Cardiogirl is fun and a great host, she looks after everyone who visits her blog.  She makes me laugh and I love the way she writes her posts.  People can’t help liking her because she is so friendly and fun.  But that isn’t why I love her.  It is the vulnerability and insecurities that draw me to her.  I love the quirky witty comments she leaves every single person that comments on her page but I’m more fond of what is left when the fun is over.  The real “deep down” Cardiogirl, the one that you’re only allowed to see glimpses of sometimes and then it’s back to business.  That’s the one who I want to pass this award on to…because that’s who I visit every day for.

My next two are relatively new bloggers in my world and I’m more than a little shy at doing this in case they think I’m wierd and run away forever.  Antibarbie and Cardiogirl already know I’m wierd…

Firstly I want to pass the award on to Blue Sleepy.  I first noticed Bluesleepy on Cardiogirl’s blog and then on other blogs and finally plucked up the courage to comment on her page.  To me, Blue Sleepy is a lady and I don’t quite measure up so I was more than pleasantly surprised that she too made me feel welcome.  I can’t even cook (that’s exactly what I thought).  Some people you just like…instantly.  This girl is one of them.  I can’t explain it exactly but there are some people that should be known by everyone.  Again bluesleepy makes that list.  I think she’s a sweetie pie.

Finally I’d like to pass this on to Guilty Secret.    I love her blog.  It’s one of the most personal and open blogs I have ever read.  And guilty herself is a darlin’.  I found her on Cardiogirl’s blog too, funny how one blog leads to another.  Sometimes her comments are really verbose and intelligent while others, they are sort of…dreamy and happy.  Again, I’m not so great at explaining which is frustrating.  Guilty’s words are very compelling and she basically allows her readers to completely delve into her mind and really get to know her.  She makes you want to know more and root for her at the same time.  Sometimes the best blogs are the ones that let you in if you get me.   She’s also good at replying to her comments 😉  And she’s very patient with me even when I ask her awkward questions.

I just want to say that there are other people I want to give it to but I have to stop somewhere and in some cases, I don’t know them as well yet.  But I honestly want to get to know them better.  I know I’m going to look at my blogroll and feeder after this and go, ah crap but feck it, it’s done now.  I’m not going to tell any of the people mentioned about this post.  If they see it, they see it, if they don’t, they weren’t meant to.  Either way, I’m grateful for the many sound heads in the bloglands.   Don’t get too excited, I could hate you all tomorrow 😉 

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