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Aargh! But Awww! But Aargh!

This is so aggravating.  I can’t remember the name of a book I had when I was a kid, I mentioned it in another post.  All I really remember is that there was a girl called Ginny and an Arab stallion in it.  It’s bad enough that I can’t remember it but since I’ve written that post, lots of other people who can’t remember the name have found my blog.

 Every single day, I get at least one view from someone who has searched for the words Ginny and Arab Stallion only to find me, someone else who hasn’t a bog.  Maybe one day, one of these people will find out the name and think, oh, remember that blogger who freaked out about finding the name of this book…I think I’ll go back and tell her, put her out of her misery….I live in hope.

That’s all I wanted to say…

That’s a lie, I want to say a lot more but I won’t 🙂

Except this one tiny little bit.  Because it made me go, awwwww.  I put my daughter into her highchair and gave her something to nibble on.  I got my son a snack too but he went to the fridge and got himself a yoghurt.  He’s only three but if anything were to happen to me, he would feed himself no bother.  He hates anyone doing anything for him.  He thinks he’s the man of the house.  He’s sitting in front of me now telling his toys to go asleep (because he knows I’m thinking that exact same thing about him). 

I didn’t pay any attention to him, I was in the middle of looking for something.  Anyway, a few minutes later I looked around and he had pulled the kitchen chair right in front of the high chair and fed his little sister the yoghurt.  Then he got some tissue and cleaned her face.  THEN he got a bottle of milk and tried to give her that too but she was too busy laughing at him to drink it.  It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Seriously.  She ended up nodding off in her chair and he kept telling me to shush because “Bell speep”.  He meant Bell is asleep just in case you didn’t get it.  He put all of his trains into my bed (luckily this time I saw him do it and didn’t just lay on them like I usually do) and covered them with his blankey and whispered to them, “There, there, fas speep” (Fast asleep), my wee heart melted as I saw him.

Just one more tiny bit, I promise!  I’ve been potty training him, it’s going well.  But on two occasions today, the po has been knocked over just as it has been filled up…Sigh…I mean, Aargh!


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Potty Training Blues

This month has been ridiculous so far…I keep adding to my list of things to do.  So, I have two blogs that are suffering, I’m doing NaBloPloMo, NaNoWriMo, dealing with a Sims2 addiction, taking care of a clingy 8 month old, potty training a reluctant 3 year old whilst working on his speech therapy homework, trying to get information from the council on when I can move and spending waaaaay too much time asleep.  Let’s just say I’m not doing a great job…you should see the state of my sitting room, I’d post a picture but I’m too ashamed 🙂

Yes, my son is 3 and he still isn’t potty trained, I’m a bad mother, I know.  He was too young before I got pregnant before, I didn’t have the energy while I was pregnant and  I didn’t want to take on the whole potty training fiasco while I was breastfeeding so now, only now have I finally got around to it.

I don’t use the word fiasco lightly.  My son is seriously attached to his nappies.  I’ve half heartedly attempted to potty train a couple of times and it always ended up in hysterics.  My son is quite independent, he likes things to happen a certain way.  He walks into the house, strips off to his nappy, occasionally puts on a pair of spiderman wellies and a thomas the tank engine hat and that’s it, that’s what makes him comfortable.  Any time I’ve tried to replace the nappy with pants, he has freaked out and I mean FREAKED out and I’ve been afraid he’ll get some sort of lifetime trauma – yes, it was my mother that did it, she forced those training pants on me now the nightmares will never stop – so I haven’t pushed it.  The other day, I decided it was time and apparently so did he because he didn’t bat an eyelid and has taken up the potty training challenge. 

It’s going quite well, in some ways, but I think it might take him a while to perfect his skills and how the hell do you get little kids to go from the potty to the actual toilet anyway? 

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