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Mobiles and Decorations

Oops, I got into trouble yesterday.  Apparently I scared people because my phone was switched off and I wasn’t online.  I must spend a lot of time online if people think I’m dead because I haven’t checked my emails.  This is what I hate about mobile phones and the like.  You can’t get any peace.  I’m lazy about charging my phone because I always forget what the charger looks like so it’s a bit of a hassle trying to find it.  I don’t switch it off on purpose – the battery just goes on me a lot.  Like every day, stupid rubbish battery.

So anyways, I got a bit of a lecture about it, felt about ten years old and it isn’t the first time either!!  If I don’t check my bebo page often, I end up getting private mail asking what’s wrong.  When I see my family they moan at me for appearing offline on msn. I always do that and forget to take it off when I see a family member online. It bugs them because they don’t know if I’m not ok or if I’m online and just ignoring them…I’m not, I swear 🙂

In future I’m just going to make sure I keep the damn phone on. To be fair I get worried when I try and ring someone and their phone is switched off or if I mail my brother and I don’t get a reply for a few days so yet again I’m a hypocrite. I know this.

As for yesterday, I spent it getting in the Christmas spirit. My son wanted to watch Transformers. His Dad bought the dvd series AND the old film for himself and doesn’t even pretend it’s for the kid. Anyway, I said no, let’s watch something else cos I was in the humour of something Christmassy. So, I put on The Santa Clause 2 (we watched it twice *sigh*) and he kept yelling Santy all the way through it. Good thing I haven’t bought new decorations yet or I would have put them up yesterday. I was all Tis the Season… I’m sort of afraid to go to my mother’s house because she puts decorations up very early. I’m scared she might outdo herself this year. She’s a bit of a mad one when it comes to decorations and lights and all that jazz. She decorates for everything, even Valentines Day. I used to be embarrassed to bring anyone into the house when I was younger, just in case they thought that was insane. 🙂


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Major Headache

A really bad headache started this morning and it’s getting worse as the day goes on.  I think I must extra irritable this week 🙂

 On my other blog this morning, a comment was posted saying that I had to remove a post or the matter would be passed onto “the” solicitors.  Of course, I have to get riled up and reply.  And annoy myself for the entire day *sigh*  When will I ever learn 🙂

 Forgetting about that, something is approaching that I can’t forget about no matter how much I try.  Christmas.  Santa Claus.  Decorations.  Presents.  I.  Can’t.  Cope.

Yesterday, in the middle of the paper was an Argos magazine full of toys.  My son had a field day.  All I heard all day long was Mammy, look at that!  Oh, Mam, Thomas the Tank Engine!, Mammy, what’s that?  Mammy, Mam, Ma, look, Look, LOOK!  My head felt like it was going to explode.  Usually I’m a lot more patient when the lil fella looks at pictures of toys, I remember what it was like to get so over excited about it but yesterday I was too concerned with the Christmassy pictures reminding me that I have nothing prepared or planned. 

I am completely hopeless when it comes to Christmas.  Everything happens at the last minute in a rush (if they happen at all) and I am by far, the worst gift buyer in the whole wide world.  Doesn’t matter how well I know someone, I cannot think of one good present to get them.  If they only knew the pain loved ones put me through when they say things like, ah, I don’t want anything, or, anything you get will be lovely, I’m sure.  No, no, it won’t, are you forgetting the present I got you last year??

Ooh, hyperventilating just a little bit now…I can’t handle the pressure of gift buying you see.  I wish I had a personal shopper that was so clever, they could tell me exactly what to get everyone I know.  Actually, it would be easier if people would just tell me what they want and not act all coy about it.  Just give it up!  Help me, help you.  It’s not so much to ask is it?

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