All About Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

In case anybody was interested, I thought I’d make a page all about me.  It’s not enough that my whole blog is about me, I wanted another page too 🙂

 Okay.  I’m a girl/woman female.  I’m 24 years old.   I’m four months away from being old halfway to 50.  I have two children, a boy and a girl.  I planned both of them and am happy for the first time in my life since I became a Mammy.  It’s just my thing. 

I love:  My Family, Ireland, Reading, Writing, Music, Being a Mammy, Animals, Tarot, My Laptop, Shameless, Things that Make me Laugh, The Colours Green and Purple, Football (Liverpool, Shelbourne, Celtic and Lazio to be exact), Lots of Other Things… 

I hate: paedos, racists, bigots, war, people who hurt others in the name of religion, liars, cruelty to animals, anyone who can hurt a child, serious toerags and probably lots more…

 I like to write, a lot, and created a blog for writers a couple of months ago.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been really interested in blogging and I found I kept having urges to write personal things so I ended up making this blog too. 

I’m quite waffley so this is the perfect place for me to say all of the stupid things that pop into my head.  So now you know.  You can run away if you like, I probably won’t notice if you sneak out.


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    well… randomly runnin round this earth via this thang, da net & i encountered u. it’s 4am in denver,colorado, USA. there i said where i generally am & am not located. Maybe somewhat like pin the tail on the jackass. My better half 20 yrs of marriage, 2 children 1 19, 16 yrs old & im twice ur age. almost an ” empty nester ” ! Yeah… Callie Anne the 6month old siberian husky female is layin next 2 me twichindue 2 rem sleep, Rio Bob 55 licks cinnamon ( otherwise known as “Snootful” is over there also sleepin. He i @ 8 yrs old, a yellow Lab who is very red. his mommas name was Israels Star & his Dads wwas Split Pine Crimson Kodiak. Imagine that. Bein a parent is a trip whilst never leavin the farm !
    So the critters have awoken, I’ve not gone 2 bed since yesternight & …

    mord- ” our names w/ an “or ” in the middle… is a puzzle %

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