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If Money Was No Object

I saw a little meme on Mel’s blog.    Your poor husband by the way Melissa!!  Anyway, it’s to name five things you would do if you had unlimited amounts of money.  Whaddya know, it’s one of my favourite things to talk about!!  I have lots I want to post today so for now you’re getting a two for one deal and I promise not to post any depressing thoughts on a Monday!

 If I had unlimited amounts of money:

 1.   I would make everyone I know a millionaire.  A woman in Limerick won the Euromillions, it was over 100 million euro.  I forget exactly how much but anyway, I love to think that if I had won that sort of money, I would have been able to share it with my nearest and dearest.  Imagine making everyone you care about wealthy.  That gives me a real thrill.  Makes me feel all warm and happy 🙂   Obviously the kids would get more than anyone else and there is no way on this green earth that either of my children’s uncles would get it all in the one go.  Feckin’ wasters.

2.   I would buy Shelbourne football club.  Mr. Claire would buy Kildare County and we would see who could win after throwing loads of money into Irish football.  I might throw the G.A.A. a bone too but we’ll see.

 3.   I would pay the vet bill for the animal pound, Paws.  They are always looking for help with that.  Actually, I would put a shitload of money into an account and donate regularly to charities anonymously.  And I would go over to the fecking third world countries meself with bloody cows and goats and whatnot and build them water pumps and teach them how to fecking well fish.  At least I would know it was really happening and not being given to corrupt governments.  Jaysus aren’t we cynical today?  I’d pay a billion to the first person who thought of a cure for an incurable disease and I would make sure that every orphanage in the entire world was a kick ass place to be.  Yes, I dream a little too much…

4.   I would set up a publishing company.  Only for unpublished and new writers.  Successful writers can feck off somewhere else.  I’d set up a magazine and an e-zine that paid really, exceptionally well and I’d finance some free to enter contests as well as give money to schools to encourage creativity in students.  Feck that, I’d set up a recording studio as well for the many unsigned Irish bands going around.  You know what?  I would rock the world if I had unlimited amounts of money.

5.  I would be completely selfish too mind you.  I would buy Mr. Claire a whole stable of racehorses and a couple of hot cars that should be on the after version of Pimp My Ride.  I’d buy an island in a warm place and build homes on it for everyone I know.  That would be class!  I would buy every cd, book, dvd and game that ever existed.  I would get clarinet lessons again and piano lessons AND I would get my nails done.  A lot.   And I would organise a HUGE blogger party and ship the lot of yis over to my island for a very long holiday 😉

 Okay so I sort of cheated there but you get the drift.  If I had unlimited amounts of money, I could spend a whole lot of it 😛

 By the way!  Thanks to Aimee for my blog award, I’ll get around to passing it on at some stage!!


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7 Random Facts

Melissa just tagged me with this.  I give you 7 random facts about myself then I tag 7 people with the same meme.  I’m not going to tag anyone because everyone seems to be busy with the whole Thanksgiving malarky so if anyone wants to take up on this meme, leave me a comment and I’ll leave your link in the post.

 It’s hard to think of 7 random facts so I’m going to try and give it a theme, maybe seven bad things about me, that might be fun 🙂

 1.  I was once, very briefly, The Other Woman – already I feel like I have to explain myself.  I was actually going to post about this today so I might do it later instead and tell you my story.  Guilty, feel free to slaughter me about it 🙂

2.  When I was 15/16, myself and my friends used to get drunk at school to wind up the teachers we didn’t like.  Again, maybe I should explain this.  We used to get really bored in school and then one day someone came up with the bright idea of alcohol in school and of course it was a big hit.  I find it hard to be ashamed of this because it seemed really funny at the time…

3.  When I was 15, I used to shoplift.  This isn’t something I’m proud of.  I did it because I knew if I got caught, I would stop and never feel the need to do it again.  I know, my logic astounds even me.  Eventually I did get caught, the coppers were really lovely to me, I was in the Garda Station for the whole day cos my Ma wasn’t home.  Eventually,they just drove me home and didn’t even tell her.  I never did it again.

4.  When I was 16, I quit my job in a hairdressers because a really old man was stalking me.  He followed me home one day, like from the hairdressers door all the way through town to my house.  He kept asking me out but I said no.  Then he rang my work for me, I didn’t know his name so didn’t take the calls.  Then he started turning up at work, even the evenings when the shop was closed and I was there for classes and stuff like that.  I ended up hating that job and leaving.

5.  I haven’t seen my father in about 8 years and I hate my stepfather.  I haven’t seen most of my father’s family including his mother since I was very young and I have never met at least four of my siblings.

6.  When I was 14, a copper picked me up in a squad car and drove me home.  It was because I was walking alone.  He asked my mother to leave us alone so that he could have a word with me and then long story short, he tried to give me his phone number and ask me out.  I was actually flattered at the time (I was 14, leave me alone 🙂 ) but I said no because the way he acted pretty much intimidated me.  I later found out that this wasn’t unusual for him and now wish I had said something at the time about it but nobody would have believed me.

7.   I’m so terrified that somebody will hurt my babies that I hate leaving them alone with anyone – even their father.  Certain things happened when I was a kid and the consequences are only apparent since I’ve become a mother.  I’m super over-protective of them now, which isn’t fair and is probably something I need to deal with.

Okay, there’s my 7 random facts, these are my tame random facts, I had others that I changed my mind about because they were probably a bit much.  🙂

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