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First NaNoWriMo Update

The one week when I really need Internet connection and my service provider stops providing.  I’ve been looking out for a better one but I need a utility bill and I can’t seem to find one so I’m going to have to wait til the next one arrives.  Never looked forward to a bill before 🙂

So, NaNoWriMo finally started.  For the first three hours or so I tried to avoid it but eventually I couldn’t think of anything else to do that would help me put it off so I got down to it.  I’ve no idea if I can drag it out to 50,000 words but here’s hoping!  I decided to definitely aim it at younger readers.  I think that broadened out the themes for me a fair bit. 

I had no plot or anything, just this paragraph that appeared pretty much out of nowhere.   

“They need to know the truth, Jasmine.”


“No, they’re too young; they don’t need to know anything yet.”


Elvira shook her head in disbelief.     “You don’t ever plan on telling them do you?”


“Mother, they’re my children.     What I say goes and I want them to have normal lives.”


“Oh, yes, so normal, that their father has disappeared without a trace, they’re mother is denying them their heritage and their only grandmother is forbidden from telling them the truth about anything!”


Jasmine held out her hand, “I don’t want to hear anymore about it, mother.     I say no, and that’s the end of it.”


Elvira almost snarled.    “You have no right and when they do find out the truth, which they will because they’re bright children, they will never forgive you!    Just like I won’t!”


With that, Elvira clicked her fingers and disappeared in a flash of light.    Jasmine rolled her eyes, “Show off.”     Elvira never saw her daughter again.

That’s my excerpt, my plot, my storyline, everything I had 🙂  I thought it was vague enough to bring me anywhere and it seems to be.  I wrote over 2,000 words yesterday and I feel like I haven’t even started yet.  As I said before, expecting utter crap is quite liberating, I’m really enjoying it.  I’ve an overload of ideas at the moment from witches to dream catchers to moving wallpaper, my inner child is having a great time.

On a personal note, my son drew an excellent picture of a carrot and the number 5 (without prompting – it was a look at what I did Mammy moment) which was great.  The building two doors down went on fire last night, which was baaaaaad.  I can’t get the smell of burning out of my nostrils which is adding to the sudden fire paranoia I developed last night.  Five fire brigades outside your home doesn’t exactly bode well for a good night’s sleep.  Hopefully, the damage wasn’t too bad and nobody was hurt but I haven’t heard anything about that yet.  Hope you all had a good week and are expecting a great weekend.  I’m off to melt my head with more NaNoWriMo crap 🙂


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