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Getting Lost at Home

Yesterday was the freakiest day ever.  We had planned on going Christmas shopping early with the kids as well as bringing them to see Santy but Mr. Claire changed his mind because the Little Man didn’t have his haircut.  Not that it would make much difference even when the child’s hair is cut it still manages to look moppy.  So at the last minute, he asked his family to babysit while we went out shopping for the kid’s toys and clothes for Christmas.  They agreed (they don’t see the kids often) so we set out on the long drive there.  They live in the next county and it usually takes about an hour and a half or two hours at most to get there.

So, we started driving, I kept saying that I had a baaaad feeling about driving that day.   The car started its new trick of cutting out every time he braked and he soon realised that the traffic was…not good.  So he does what every man I know does.  Finds a different way to go.  Why is that most men can’t sit still in a bit of traffic, they have to keep moving?  No matter how long it takes them, they won’t just sit there and wait for a couple of minutes, they have to try every single alternative option.  As long as they’re moving, they’re happy.  Even if the moving consists of reversing and turning around only to end up in the place with began!  It’s very annoying because without fail, it takes longer than it would have if we had just waited.

So after about 20minutes of ducking and diving around traffic jams, Mr. Claire decides to go a brand new way.  And gets lost.  Can I just say that it is hard to get lost between Dublin and Kildare.  I hate asking for directions but I was willing to stop by some coppers and ask them the way.  “No,” he growled back at me.  Sorrrrreeeeeee!

Eventually (after quite a few false starts) things begin to look familiar to him and we find ourselves on  the right route to Kildare.  Then the heavens decide to open.  The rain lashed down on us.  I have never been scared in a car with Mr. Claire before but I have never experienced anything like yesterday!  The cars in front were unleashing waves of puddles that were lashing against the windscreen.  You should have seen his little face concentrating.   Bless!  Mucky water continuously spraying against the windscreen does not equal safety.  And myself and the Little Man weren’t improving matters by singing, “We better run, run, run, the storm is on it’s way,” over and over and over again.  Mr. Claire retaliated by refusing to play any cd other than Garth Brooks for the whole day.  I learned my lesson…

So at about 5pm we finally got to his mother’s house.  He made us walk through mucky grass to get to her front door.  Toerag.

We dropped the kids off, as usual, the Little Man was ecstatic at getting away from me while the Princess screamed her head off and had to be forcibly removed from my person.  Free at last, Mr. Claire and I frolicked to the car jumping for joy.  We went to Newbridge and bought the most amazing clothes for the Princess.  She’s so freaking cute in them.  Not the point!  A right dozebag pulled out in the middle of the road right in front of ongoing traffic.  I thought Mr. Claire was going to get out and be all bionic man and chase the car down the road in a rage.  He was really pissed because we missed crashing into the back of that eejit’s car by inches.  A chorus of beeping made that car shoot down the road away from everyone.  We went to Naas and bought toys in Smyths.  It was a bit crap.  I’m very disappointed.  I can’t get the stupid boys version of the Little Tykes camera I planned to get him.  Everywhere only stocks poxy pink ones.  Do they think boys don’t like taking photos?  Toerags.

The dinner Mr. Claire had promised me that morning ended up being in a chipper but it was lovely so I’m not going to complain.  Anyway, we set off from Naas to Kildare Town.  From where Mr. Claire used to work to where Mr. Claire used to live.  And he managed to get lost.   Again.

I don’t fecking know how the hell he managed to get lost between Naas and Kildare Town.  I don’t know how many miles apart they are but they are close and it’s like one straight road through!  Even I know my way and I am shit at directions!!  We ended up on this long arse road that went on FOREVER.  In the wrong direction.  I started getting the feeling that we would never see our children again.  He had this horrible look on his face that plainly said, “please don’t start bitching at me right now, please!”

We eventually get ourselves off that road and discover we are miles in the wrong direction but at least we can find our way back.  So we drive through all of these poxy, bendy, twisty lanes with no light whatsoever and what does the fecking car do?  Keep cutting out, leaving us for a couple of seconds each time in the pitch black!  It was scary shit.  Mr. Claire is a great driver and managed to avoid crashing but it was a close call a good few times yesterday!  If I had been in the car with anyone else, I would have gotten out and walked.  I have never been scared in the car with Mr. Claire before but disaster was chasing us yesterday!

 We got back to the kids in one piece.  His family wouldn’t even believe me that he had gotten lost in Naas.  It’s seriously unbelieveable…Then when we had arrived home, his brother rang to see if we were okay because a truck had overturned on the road we had just driven down.  All in all, a creepy day!  All that to get some bloody Christmas shopping done!  We got home at around 11pm, exhausted.   But at least we’ve started getting things in for Christmas.  We got our boxes of biscuits and tins of chocolates as well as our boxes of crisps.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without those! 


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Couch Potato

I don’t have much to talk about today.  It’s Monday morning so I’m a wee bit out of it still.  Got up way too early and went to bed way too late last night.  And I didn’t get anywhere on NaNoWriMo.  I was too busy watching Prison Break and complaining about my headache. 

 I’m one of the few people (apparently) who haven’t watched Prison Break so the other day, Mr. Claire got a lend of the first series and we’ve spent the last few nights entranced by it…I sort of wish I had watched it while it was being aired, that way nobody could spoil it for me. 

The main bloke in it, the one with the tattoos, I THINK his name is Wentworth Miller or something bizarre like that.  Well anyway, him, at first I didn’t watch the damn programme because of him.  Because everywhere I went online (I was into wapchatting back then) there were hundreds of girls going crazy for him.  I get put off by popularity.  He’s okay looking, sort of, in a skinhead type of way, I grudgingly suppose but he cannot act.  Like, at all. 

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit harsh.  There are times during the programme when there are glimpses of actual personality that flash through but pretty much the entire series has been made up of him having the exact same expression on his face and using the exact same dull tone of voice.  Sure, his character may be intentionally … dull …I know I’m going to get slaughtered for this 🙂 but come off it, use a different facial expression, please!  Or at least smile a teensy bit more, it’s quite sweet and dare I say it, human looking.

Anyway, Mr. Claire is really into owning dvds (and watching them).  He used to make me watch a film with him like every single night.  When we first moved in together we had very few dvds so we generally watched the same films every week but we never complained 🙂 

But, a while back, somebody gave him a lend of Invasion, so he made us watch that and I admit, I did enjoy it and was majorly disgruntled when I discovered there wasn’t another series of it made (what the hell?!)  It took us months to get over that…but it put Mr. Claire into a whole tv series buzz.  He bought me Medium because I love that show and never get to watch it because they show it at like 1 in the morning.  But he hasn’t watched it with me yet, damn him.  Now he wants to get more popular tv series that we haven’t watched on telly ourselves (he gets into these little buzzes every now and then, sort of like me and knitting – don’t ask).  I don’t get to watch that much television in fairness but this post makes me sound like I’m glued to the screen.  Anyway, we even made a mental list of series, we must have 🙂  We are quite sad and pathetic, we both know it.  We named all of the CSI series (for me), Numbers (for me), Ghost Whisperer (for me) and erm, pretty much anything similar (for me).  We already watch Lost and Shameless, you have to watch Shameless – it is class!  But I swear, Lost has ruined television for me, if I ever get my hands on the writers of that show….

Yet again, I logged in with a topic in mind and rambled on about something completely different…go me 🙂

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